A little piece of Morocco at Mcr Airport

I’m at Mcr airport and to my delight and relief I find I can buy Moroccan Dirham here.  The Dirham is a Closed currency, you can’t get it on the HIgh Street, I tried and I understand you can’t bring Dirhams home with you either.  So much happiness that I have 1000x (about £90) as I was worried about not being able to tip my driver when I get to Essaouira.


Good news!  I followed my own advice (keep moving and ice), along with what Google  says (ibuprofen) and my injured shoulder is much better, phew!  Its still a bit sore but I almost have full range of movement, wont need to adopt ‘special tactics’ to get dressed each day.

This is my first visit to terminal one, its quite nice, everything thorough and efficient at security, no queues at all.  So far so good!

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