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Prequel, 48 hours to Marrakech

It’s 48 hours before I’m due to touch down in¬†Marrakech¬†on my Moroccan adventure and I have had a bloody disaster! ¬†I seem to have hurt my rotator cuff muscles and have pain and restricted movement in my shoulder. ¬†The worst thing is that I can’t take my hand behind my back. ¬†This morning I had to figure out how a girl gets on a bra in such a situation . .

So, I am dosed up on Ibuprofen, wearing a freezer pack and preying to anyone who will listen that I can get my (very heavy) photo rucksack in the overhead locker on my Easyjet.

I’m trying not to panic and things seemed better after a visit from Sam Photo, she brought travel gifts for me and MSR. ¬†I got a really cool water bottle that will keep my water super cool in the desert. ¬†Sam had¬†personally¬†tested the bottle in Death Valley, says it really works.


MSR was not forgotten, check out this Moroccan inspired hat from Shelly’s Little Owl store on Etsy.







Some of my friends asked for my itinerary: I spend 4 nights in Essouira 18 Р21, then head back to Marrakech on the 22 where this happens:

Day 1: Arrive Marrakech. You are met by a KE representative who will arrange transfers to the group hotel in Marrakech. KE Land Only services begin with overnight in the Riad. Overnight at Riad.

Day 2:¬†Drive across the atlas to Ouarzazate and then through the Draa Valley to Ouled Driss and M’Hamid on the fringes of the Sahara where we overnight at a kasbah.

Day 3: We start our walk by crossing palm groves and fields into the desert toward the dunes of Erg Chegaga. Tonight we camp at a fixed Bedouin site with a resturant and showers.

Day 4: Continue trekking through a fascinating and varied desert landscape we climb the highest dune before returning to our previous nights accommodation. Bedouin fixed camp.

Day 5: We continue on our journey through small palm groves, dunes and onto a plateaux where we camp at Erg Lihoudi. Bedouin style fixed camp with resturant and showers.

Day 6:¬†Today we walk across Erg Lihouli from crest to crest before taking the 4WD transfer back to Ouled Driss and M’hamid to at our kasbah to overnight.

Day 7: We drive back across the Atlas to Marrakech arriving late afternoon / evening in time to visit the remarkable central square of the Djemaa-el-Fna. Riad.

Day 8: KE Land Only services end after breakfast. Complimentary airport transfers are provided for clients departing this day.

Here’s the link to a map and stuff.

Once I head out into the desert there will be no wifi so don’t expect daily updates!


Saying Thank You

I still have the text:

Mornin! Sorry its early.  Sam from royal mail. Found ur packet. Open till 12.

That was on January 7th 2011. ¬†Remember the snow storms, the chaos, the backed up postal service? ¬†My friend Tracy (the incredible doll artist) had sent me the most amazing Christmas gift but it was caught up in the Snow Drama. ¬† I haven’t forgotten how hard the people at my local delivery office must have had to work to catch up and the personal text made my day.

So, today I have said thank you:








 And, here is the gift that Tracy sent me, she used Pippa and created a piece of art to hang on my wall, I was BLOWN AWAY!

Doll Art

If you shop on eBay/Etsy/Amazon etc then I suggest investing in a Thank You to your postie ūüôā

My Stars Aligned . .

When I told Sam about my trip to Hawaii, she said I needed a¬†Sunshine Holiday to take with me. ¬†Well, fat chance of that cos I have only 2 weeks before I fly and I don’t *really* have the budget.

Well, then my stars all lined up. ¬†I’d spotted a rare French Meccano Mandy on eBay, not very well described and a rubbish photo. ¬†I placed a snipe and knock me over, I only went and won her for 10EU! ¬†I felt a bit¬†guilty¬†cos I dont really need one of these, I already have more than one French Mandy ¬†. . .

The next morning I noticed a Sunshine Holiday on eBay and flippin nora the lady selling her is in the next town to me! ¬†I did a quick¬†calculation¬†and struck a deal¬†knowing¬†that I can offset the cost against Mandy! ¬†whoo hoo! ¬†I no longer feel any guilt ūüôā

blythe sunshine holiday