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Adventures in Lytro, the next revolution in photography?

At the PippaCon my lovely friend and fellow doll nerd, Gail, let me play with her Lytro Light Field camera.  Light Field is a new technology in photography that allows you to set the focus after you have taken the photo.  Amazing, its the future, maybe?!

Which doll should be in focus?  YOU decide, just click 🙂


When I saw this girl at Piccadilly Station last week I assumed she was on a Leap Year adventure. She happily agreed for me to take her photo, posing with her friend.

Later at the Kro bar I showed the photo to my friends: “She looks kind of young to be getting married” observed one, “isn’t that Marcus of the X Factor?” asked another.

DOH, DOUBLE DOH! What an idiot I am, he’s not her actual boyfriend.

And, apparently, Marcus is gay so he won’t be accepting wedding proposals from teen girls any time soon . . .