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Mcr T2

I’ve been saying Doe-ah but all the Mancs at MIA said Doe-ha. Then, the Yank flying the plane said Doe-ah, so, I really don’t know! But, I’ve made it to Doha International Airport, 7 hours flying done, a 4 hour layover and then 4 hours to Katmandu, when I get there is will be 11amish and I wont have been to bed . . .

There are some sleeping seats here but I think it best to stay awake, what a mess it would be to miss my onwards flight.



This airport is undergoing improvements, no doubt spurred on by the World Cup. Its not as bad as I feared, my eyes lit up at the sight of a Costa, there was no Salted Caramel latte so I made do with a hazelnut. The boy in Costa asked me if I could help him out by swapping a Scottish £20 for a Proper one (sorry Scotland!) I hope its a real Scottish and I’ve not been scammed, LOL!