Leaving Essaouira

It’s my last day on the Moroccan coast in the seaside town of Essaouira. I feel I’m all Done here, its been very pleasant but frankly I’m tired of all the Attention when I go out. Today I gave up and now find myself covered in factor 50 on the rooftop terrace of Maison du Sud killing time before my transfer to Marrakech.

As is my tradition when travelling I have a “small friend” in my bag. Usually I’m not afraid to whip her out in a tourist spot and enjoy a bit of doll photography. Well if a blonde ladylike me gets attention what the flip will the locals make of a Japanese fashion doll with blue hair? So MSR has stayed in my bag until I repacked this morning – here she is in the window of my room, there’s a big drop, we were both terrified!


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