My Stars Aligned . .

When I told Sam about my trip to Hawaii, she said I needed a Sunshine Holiday to take with me.  Well, fat chance of that cos I have only 2 weeks before I fly and I don’t *really* have the budget.

Well, then my stars all lined up.  I’d spotted a rare French Meccano Mandy on eBay, not very well described and a rubbish photo.  I placed a snipe and knock me over, I only went and won her for 10EU!  I felt a bit guilty cos I dont really need one of these, I already have more than one French Mandy  . . .

The next morning I noticed a Sunshine Holiday on eBay and flippin nora the lady selling her is in the next town to me!  I did a quick calculation and struck a deal knowing that I can offset the cost against Mandy!  whoo hoo!  I no longer feel any guilt 🙂

blythe sunshine holiday




5 thoughts on “My Stars Aligned . .

  1. Chris

    Mecanno Mandy!!!!! Well done you. She was a bargain wasnt she? When are you going on your hols?? Your xmas pressie willl arrive when you get back probably! Lol


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