Photo Walk

Today I met up with Darren from Images in the Sun. By lucky coincidence his tour starts at Maison du Sud. Also on the walk is Katie, a student from the US. Katie is on a week long holiday enjoying cooking and photography with Darren and his wife.

Before we leave du Sud Darren shows us examples of the sort of images we might be able to capture at the Souk we are visiting and gives tips on how to aproach the people in the Souk (not easy).

The Souk was amazing, culture shocks continued, in comparison with my beloved Trafford Centre this was positively primitive. It was hard to take people photos, some traders don’t like it, Katie and I got ticked off a few times.

The Souk sells everthing a Berber could need, fruit, veg, spices, household items, even jewellery. I’m not sure what came over me but I found myself asking if we could see the meat area. My Fishytarian sensibilities were challenged but we got some nice shots. This is Mr Meatman, Darren will print it off and give to him the next time he goes to the Souk, hopefully he will be happy to pose again.



The Souk was scorching, so pleased to have aircon in Darren’s transport. Next stop was Cafe Dar Na for lunch.  This place was a photo op in it’s self, the owner, Siad, has many amazing sculptures and nik naks, all great fun to photograph.



After lovely food and a chance to relax on the Dar Na sun terrace we head to walk down the Sidi M’Bark valley, along the river to reach the waterfalls next to the sea.

We met this fella, he was filling up water bottles near the waterfalls, Darren offered him  a few coins to pose for us:


Here are Darren and Katie reviewing Katie’s photos:


I know I will be seeing a LOT more sand once I start my trek, this is from the end of our walk.


After the walk Darren invited me to join him and Katie for review of photos the next morning, how nice! I’ve had a lovely day.

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