Saying Thank You

I still have the text:

Mornin! Sorry its early.  Sam from royal mail. Found ur packet. Open till 12.

That was on January 7th 2011.  Remember the snow storms, the chaos, the backed up postal service?  My friend Tracy (the incredible doll artist) had sent me the most amazing Christmas gift but it was caught up in the Snow Drama.   I haven’t forgotten how hard the people at my local delivery office must have had to work to catch up and the personal text made my day.

So, today I have said thank you:








 And, here is the gift that Tracy sent me, she used Pippa and created a piece of art to hang on my wall, I was BLOWN AWAY!

Doll Art

If you shop on eBay/Etsy/Amazon etc then I suggest investing in a Thank You to your postie 🙂

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