Welcome to LAX!


Right now I should be in Hilo HI at Uncle Billy’s hotel, but instead I find myself at the Westin LAX enjoying a lovely king bed and room service, paid for by Continental Airlines after they screwed up my connection from Newark to LAX.

I have more boarding cards than you can imagine and I’m just a little bit grumpy that I’ve lost a day of my precious holidays.  My flight to Hilo tomororw is not until 5pm, grrr, what is there to do at LAX after I check out of the Westin?  Actually, I think the answer is in the photo above.  It’s the Encounter Restaurant, I took the photo whilst waiting for the shuttle bus, but *maybe* I could go back there tomorrow after I check my bag and get my proper camera out?  I’m not sure if I should venture inside, do you think they will welcome a scruffy traveller in combats, hoodie and large rucksack?


2 thoughts on “Welcome to LAX!

  1. Diane

    O Dear Julianne, Hope it gets better, the accomadation looks great though could be worse. I know you will make the most of it thats your character, enjoy the experience, it would be boring if everything went to plan lol, take care


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